Galaxy has been operating in Egypt since 1988, We have continued to expand through Egypt with stores in Cairo and Alexandria. Specializing in Contemporary Modern and Neo Classic furniture, our extensive collection is  known for its exquisite taste and style making Galaxy  your one stop shop for  home furniture and the perfect home accessories you desire. 

   In no other place will you find our variety of  well-crafted,  high quality Italian leather sofas or exceptional collection of imported fabric sofas. Our woodworks department ensures that we have the highest quality wood in our wide variety of unique  Bedrooms and Dining Rooms.  Compliment your house with the most elegant of chandeliers or   add a beautiful touch to that dull corner in your home with one of our well crafted vases or delicate portraits. Not to mention  the highest quality and widest collection of stone cladding available in Egypt to give your house that extra dimension and warmth.With two locations to choose from - Mall of Arabia and Alexandria, one visit to one  our showrooms is all you need to stock up on a whole range of modern style furniture, high quality lighting to illuminate your space and attractive stone cladding of variant textures and colors to  breathe new life into your home.